Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Montage Mob video is a marketing tool that is fun, engaging and unique. Using the hashtags #uglychristmassweater and #uglychristmassweaters we are capturing Instagram pictures of ugly Christmas sweaters from around tht world.

Montage Mob video provides the unique ability to collect endless number of pictures and generate a unique video  every time.  The more pictures, the more unique videos, and we do not limit the number of pictures/graphics.

There is more information below to explain how Montage Mob and social media can be combined to enhance your project or event. Contact Us to discover how social media and Montage Mob can unleash your world.

So how can Montage Mob video work for your business or organization or campaign?

Select an Instagram hashtag that is relevant to your business or cause. Setup an Montage Mob account and we will start collecting the pictures for you. Throw in a QR Code so folks can interact with your video, put a Call-to-Action graphic on the end of the video, post your Montage Mob on your website, share with social media site, then continue to build your list of pictures for the video. Since Montage Mob creates a different video each time, 7 days week, everyday, so your video will never by boring. You and the world can now create your video to promote your brand, product or business.

Montage Mob will interface with other social media, like Dropbox or Twitter, even email and text add pictures and graphics to your video.

More About Montage Mob

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It does not matter if your community is defined by virtual or physical boundaries, the common interest or set of interactions can be illustrated with Montage Mob video. Spanning from the "Come Together" campaign started by Starbucks or a New Years Eve party, your can use the video to
  • Support Your Products and Services
  • Convert Prospects to Buyers
  • Reinforce Credibility and Retain Clients
  • Create Buzz for Events & Campaigns
  • Improve Search Engine Visibility

The concept of community applies to a business or organizations. A business can have many events and/or products that can be shared with the public that could be used to convert prospects to buyers or loyal followers. An organizations (Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, BBB) could also create a buzz for events and campaigns.

Montage Mob videos can be Tagged to represent several events, or individual products to provide a catalog of videos that will improve visibility to your clients and followers. Take a look at some of the community events that use Montage Mob.

Montage Mob marketing video is another opportunity to use social media to promote your Brand.

Montage Mob videos are generated 24x7 with selected pictures from social media sites or even photos shared with your smartphone. You decide which pictures will be used in the video, how the pictures are presented, the order and pattern.

All can be done from your tablet or smart phone, just like the rest of your social media.

The Montage Mob video shown is created with Instagram pictures based upon selected hashtag(s). Some hashtags can have hundreds of thousands of pictures so we are selective based upon the quality of the pictures and personal judgement ,and we just can't show them all.
Montage Mob videos are dynamic and fun because pictures are randomly selected and the video is automatically created 24 hours a day. Your video will never be the same.

Join us, we have a mailing list or your can contact us directly for more information on using Montage Mob for your next live event. Montage Mob is a social event - Get the Mob Involved.

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